Wow. I just wrote this whole post and somehow I deleted it by accident. I can see what kinda day this will be. Long story short my lips were swollen for 3 days because I am allergic to Thyme and the new place we ordered probably seasoned the turkey leg with it. It's better now. Today is Thursday May 14,2020. Oh to be stuck in Quarantine. I cant believe in about 2-3 more weeks we'll be stuck inside for 3 months. I am tired of being inside, I am tired of the news and tired that I cant go anywhere. I know 2020 was suppose to be a year to Focus but its plain miserable at this point. I try to find the positives, because there are some. I have definitely changed my brand and worked harder and created great content. I don't feel well this morning but I really wanted to make new nail sets and might just take it easy today instead. Creating a new life is difficult. Not impossible. But I know we are all adjusting. Also unemployment finally gave me a $ and an update after 9 weeks of waiting. Yes, 9! I feel like the government has let New Yorkers down. Completely dropped the ball and bailed out big companies and private ones for their personal interest and left tax payers who are unemployed out to dry. I don't have kids but my friends who I work with do and I can only imagine if they waited as long as me how they must have felt. I know a vaccine has to come out and it wont be probably till 2021 but we have to pay attention. They will reopen certain states and places but theres still a risk. If big companies aren't opening like Twitter or Amazon until the end of they year they absolutely know something that we don't. I won't be rushing outside anytime soon. Slow and steady. I am putting my all into my website and thats all I can do right now. Gotta go meditate and this ginger honey turmeric tea is saving me this morning. Stay well guys xoxo.




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