Trying Something New

So! Trenna here :) I have noticed that my skin sometimes gets dry. Like dry dry and my cuticles as well. I know we have all been washing our hands constantly but my poor babies need Help! I am trying some new oils that are all natural that I made and I want to see if it works. I started on May 10th and I am putting it on my skin morning and night. It is all natural and I only picked oils with certain benefits. I reached out to my esthetician girlfriends for their professional help and recommendations and narrowed down the most beneficial oils. In nail school we learned about essential oils and made our own. I was so focused on nails and gels I brushed it to the side. Now that we are all inside I want to see how full proof these oils are and I am putting my twist on it.

I want to one day have cuticle pens and I want it to just all feel natural and work with real results.

Today is May 12, 2020 and it is Day 2. The oils feel nice and I love the smell. In time cant wait to see the change! I will keep you all posted. Here are some photos of my skin/cuticles. BEFORE PHOTOS BEWARE lol




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