We Went Live Today!

Trenna here! So early this afternoon I went LIVE on Instagram for 1 hour with

Medusa Gels to do a LIVE Nail Tutorial on helpful nail hacks and designs.

What was taught?

I wanted to focus on giving helpful tips and hacks that make art design easier. With May a few days away I wanted to bring pops of color and whats better than Tie Dye for the Spring?! The colors are super pigmented and bright I showed how to do a Tie Dye Tip. Following I showed my secret to achieving the Perfect French Tip. With the Medusa Gels you can easily do a beautiful Ombre style. A follower asked for a Marble demo and I was more than happy to show what I know and to show that I use Alcohol for the gel to spread along with top coat as another tip.

Future Lives?

I had such a great time going LIVE and it was my 1st time! I look forward to doing more nail tutorials in general and possible future collaborations with Medusa. Well back to quarantining! Stay safe guys!

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